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IACLEA believes it is important to honor and respect those campus public safety officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice by giving their lives in the line of duty. IACLEA has established this page to create a permanent commemoration of the service and sacrifice made by these heroic officers. IACLEA has honored some of these officers posthumously by conferring its Valor Award on them. In 2008, IACLEA created the Officer Memorial Award to honor campus public safety officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice.  These officers deserve honor and enduring respect.

IACLEA Honors 43 Campus Public Safety Officers Killed in the Line of Duty

Fallen Officers Honored

IACLEA's Board of Directors honored the 43 campus public safety officers killed in the line of duty from 1923 - 2016 with a wreath-laying ceremony at the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial (NLEOM) in Washington, DC.  

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Officer Jody Carl Smith
Georgia Southwestern State U.

Dec. 8, 2016

Sgt Collin J. Rose.
Wayne State University P.D.

Nov. 23, 2016

Officer Calvin M. McCullers, Jr
Southern Methodist University, TX PD.

July 5, 2016

Officer Garrett Swasey
University of Colorado at Colorado Springs 
Colorado Springs, CO

Nov. 27, 2015

Officer Nathan J. Van Oort, Sr
Ohio State University P.D.

Nov. 7, 2015

Deputy Chief John P. MKee
City University of NY, D.P.S.

Sept. 12, 2015

Officer Marc U. Kelley
Trinity University, TX, P.D.

Mar 14, 2014
Officer Sean A. Collier
Massachusetts Institute of Technology,
Cambridge, MA
April 19, 2013

Public Safety Officer Keith A. Lawrence
University of Southern California DPS

Feb. 2, 2013
Officer Deriek Crouse
Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA
Dec. 8, 2011

Officer James D. Lister
Arizona State University P.D.

Dec. 16, 2010

Staff Sgt. Steven R. Medeiros
Kennesaw State University, GA, DPS

Sept. 26, 2008
Patrolman Thomas E. Devlin, Jr.
Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA
April 6, 2007
Officer Robert M. Langley
University of Mississippi, University, MS
Oct. 21, 2006
Officer Walter Joseph Zakrzrewski
Virginia Wesleyan College, Norfolk, VA
Oct. 11, 2006
Officer Mario R. Jenkins
University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL
Sept. 24, 2005

Detective Anthony J. Hosey
Illinois State University PD

April 25, 2005
Officer James L. Davis, Jr.
Butler University, Indianapolis, IN
Sept. 24, 2004
Officer Royce E. McCain
Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, FL
May 6, 2004
Officer Deborah Blackmon
University of South Florida, Tampa, FL
April 20, 2001
Cpl Phillip L. Lee
Alabama State University PD
Dec. 1, 2000
Sgt. George D. Sullivan
University of Nevada, Reno, PD
Jan. 13, 1998
Officer Peter C. Johnson, Jr.
Montgomery College, TX PD
June 8, 1997
Officer Michael Blankenship
The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH
Feb. 10, 1997
Officer Carmen J. Renda, Jr
Youngstown State University, OH, PD
Mar. 16, 1996
Sgt. Gilbert J. Mast
Tulane University, DPS, Louisiana
Jan. 20, 1996
Lt. Herbert B. Stovall
Peralta Community College, CA, PD
Aug. 16, 1995
Officer Timothy Blaine Howe
Oakland Unified School District
April 14, 1995
Patrolman Ronald H. Davis
Belmont Abbey College, NC, PD
May 20, 1993
Cpl. Kevin W. Barleycorn
University of Arizona, PD
Aug. 24, 1990
Chief of Police Robert L. Brown
Cuyahoga Community College, Cleveland, OH
Sept. 21, 1988
Officer Joseph F. Doyle
Brown University, RI, PD
May 8, 1988
Sgt. Gary F. Beringause
Georgia Institute of Technology PD
Nov., 28, 1986
Sgt. William J. Chapin
Ithaca College, NY, Office of Public Safety
Mar. 15, 1986
Capt. Frank Clements
Amarillo College, TX, PD
May 16, 1985
Officer Edward J. Burch
LA Comm. College District, CA, PD
Dec. 18, 1984
Officer Steven Mitchell
University of Chicago, IL, PD
Aug. 13, 1983
Officer Carlton W. Sudduth
Livingston University, AL, PD
June 21, 1980

Detective Richard E. McGilvery
Rutgers Police Department, New Brunswick, NJ

Oct. 6, 1978
Officer Stanley Henney
State University at Hayward, CA PD
May 31, 1977
Officer Gary Hart
State University at Hayward, CA PD
May 31, 1977
Officer James J. Doyle
Ventura College, CA PD
Mar. 23, 1975
Chief Edward O. Kanz
University of Washington PD
Mar. 31, 1971
Officer George Mann
University of South Florida, Tampa, FL
Sept. 13, 1970
Officer Thomas A. Burner
University of Nevada, Reno, PD
Dec. 6, 1968
Officer John E. Sutton
University of Maine PD
Sept. 20, 1963

Night Watchman Joseph M. Self
University of Kentucky PD

Feb. 10, 1923

If you wish to submit the name of a campus public safety officer killed in the line of duty for a listing on this page, please send an e-mail with basic information to