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Affiliate Organization

Recognition Guidelines

For the mutual benefit of all, for the advancement of campus law enforcement/security, and in order to further the objectives of IACLEA, the Board of Directors may establish relationships with groups of campus law enforcement/security organizations that are formed on a local, regional (sub state or multi-state), or state basis, and with those that are formed on a counterpart or affinity basis. The Board of Directors may establish such terms and conditions for relating to recognized affiliates and groups as it considers desirable.


Qualifications for becoming an organization affiliated to the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators (IACLEA) shall be:

  1. The organization shall represent campus law enforcement/security professionals.
  2. The Mission Statement and the Bylaws of the organization shall be substantially in agreement with those of IACLEA.
  3. The members of a campus law enforcement/security organization applying for affiliate status shall pass a resolution requesting such status.
  4. An organization applying for affiliate status shall submit to IACLEA Headquarters:
    1. Resolution;
    2. Roster of Members
    3. Organization bylaws;
    4. Evidence of a successful operation: sample newsletters, meeting announcements, etc. as documentation.

Upon receipt of the resolution and related materials, IACLEA staff will review and submit to the Board of Directors for consideration at the next regularly scheduled meeting.