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Guidelines for IACLEA Chapter Status

In addition to the requirements necessary for recognition as an IACLEA Affiliate Organization, listed below are minimal guidelines for those organizations desiring to gain Chapter status.

  1. Adopt bylaws that shall be compatible with those of IACLEA and include provisions for election of officers, with a copy to IACLEA for advance approval.
  2. Maintain a minimum of fifteen (15) members of which a minimum of 34% are also members of IACLEA, either institutional or associate members.
  3. Incorporate as a not-for-profit organization and obtain a Federal Tax identification number (tax exempt) and maintain this status.
  4. Execute an indemnification holding IACLEA harmless from liability for Chapter related activities and or actions.
  5. Hold a minimum of four meetings per year. One of which must be a general membership meeting and include training and professional development sessions.
  6. Submit copies of all Chapter meeting minutes to the IACLEA VP within 14 days after the meeting.
  7. Adopt a Mission Statement and Goals, that do not conflict with IACLEA's. A copy to be sent along with the Bylaws.
  8.  Pass a Resolution in support of IACLEA's position statements.
  9. Annually support fund raising efforts for the McGovern Scholarship Fund.
  10. Acceptance as a Chapter invokes the following "Obligation to Association."
    1. A Chapter shall at all times be subject to the rules and regulations now established or as prescribed from time to time by the Board of Directors for the conduct of the Association as a whole.
    2. The Board of Directors may cancel, suspend, or revoke the charter of a chapter for violation of the "Obligation to Association" provisions, a violation of the Bylaws of the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators, or for failure to meet these minimum guidelines. Such action of the Board shall be final and conclusive.
    3. No representation, utterance, or commitment shall be made in the name of IACLEA nor shall any representation, utterance, or commitment obligate or purport to obligate the Association unless such representation, utterance or commitment shall first have been approved in writing by the IACLEA Board of Directors or the President.

      NOTE: The above is intended to include any press release and public statement by any member or any officer of the chapter, regional or international level, which might reasonably be construed to establish or change a position of IACLEA. This shall not preclude a chapter from taking a position on a matter that affects only the geographical area of the chapter and all such positions shall clearly state they are the positions of only the local chapter. All such positions shall be made in writing and a copy shall be forwarded to the IACLEA Regional Director, President, and Executive Director; ( in a timely manner).
    4. No chapter may publicly endorse any candidate for Public office, at any level -- local, state, or national.