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VA Tech 10th Anniversary--Statement of IACLEA President Randy Burba

Our hearts are with the Virginia Tech community on this regrettable anniversary. We remember and honor those slain, those injured, and all those affected by this tragic event. We commend the Hokie community for its powerful response in the aftermath. IACLEA Remembers.

As campus law enforcement professionals, we have accepted the challenge bestowed by this tragedy. In the last ten years, there has been a sea change in campus policing. The event forced a reexamination of how public safety professionals can better protect our communitiesand work to prevent violent incidents. Colleges and universities nationwide moved to adopt emergency mass notification systems and develop behavior threat-assessment and management teams, which seek to intervene to stop violent individuals. Active shooter drills are routine on campuses. And Run, Hide, Fight is part of many students and employees orientation to campus life. A steadily increasing number of campuses have moved to arm officers.

Active shooters at our nations educational campusesbe it an elementary school in San Bernadino, CA, a high school in Littleton, CO, or college anywheresignal an end-of-innocence, of sorts. Any crime municipal police officers may face, campus public safety officers will face.

Campus public safety officers work 24/7 to prevent crime and keep our nations academic communities safe. Our commitment includes the possibility of giving our lives while carrying out our sworn duty. We seek and accept this responsibilitybecause our pledge is to keep your children safe.

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