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The purpose of the Agency Spotlight is to highlight on IACLEA’s web site our institutional member agencies. In particular, we wish to highlight those agencies that have implemented innovative and exceptional programs in crime prevention, outreach, community policing, emergency management, use of technology, and other areas. If you would like your agency spotlighted, please complete the following form.

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Featured Agency: 

University of Georgia Police Department

In late 2013, the head of the University of Georgia Police Department’s bureau of training and certification hung a simple poster in the hallway outside his office.


The poster’s photo backdrop depicts some of the University of Georgia’s most recognized symbols – the school’s iconic entryway arch, its 93,000-seat football stadium, and its classrooms. The words written across the poster were powerful: “This is invaluable and worth protecting.”


Though the message of the poster was simple, the image best summarizes the institutional importance of the over 100 employees of the University of Georgia Police Department. Certainly, without the university, the police department would not exist. But without the police department creating a safe learning environment, institutional effectiveness in carrying out its mission of teaching, service, and research would diminish. The tri-partite mission at the University of Georgia is invaluable, and the men and women of the UGA Police Department stand ready to protect it. Department leadership has embedded the importance of protecting UGA throughout the agency’s culture.


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