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Valor Award Winner

The Award for Valor is presented to a member or employee of a campus public safety, police or security department for an act or acts involving personal risk while acting in behalf of the college/university or members of the college/university community.


2016 Valor Award Recipient:  Officer Lori Brasko – St. Mary’s College of Maryland

This year’s Award for Valor is presented to Public Safety Officer Lori Brasko.


On the late evening of December 6, 2015, Officer Lori Brasko was patrolling the St. Mary's College of Maryland campus in a vehicle when she observed a vehicle traveling in the opposite direction at a high rate of speed, swerving which then struck a tree. Officer Brasko immediately turned her vehicle around and proceeded to the accident scene where she found the driver in the vehicle conscious but unable to exit. The vehicle was beginning to fill with smoke and Officer Brasko noticed that the dashboard on the driver side was on fire. With no regard for her own safety, Officer Brasko worked to free the driver from the vehicle and pull him a safe distance away. Within minutes the vehicle was completely engulfed in flames.


Without Officer Brasko's selfless actions, the incident would have ended in a tragedy.


Past Award Recipients:

2015 - Nick Calkins, Colorado College

2014 - Sergeants Ray Bottenfield, Mark Kessler and Jere Romano

2013 - Officer Mark Woodworth, New York State University

2012 - Sergeant Nathaniel Leonard and Officer Christopher Skovira, State University of New York at Oneonta

2011 - Sergeant David Adler, Officers Craig Everage, Benjamin Mauro and Fredrick Nichols, University of Pennsylvania Police Department

2010 - Officer William Bell, Contra Costa Community College District, Diablo Valley College Police Department

2009 - Officer David DeClet, Northeastern Illinois University

2008 - Virginia Tech Police Department - Officer Geoffrey Allen, Lieutenant Curtis Cook, Sergeant Thomas Gallemore, Detective Daniel Hardy, Officer Dean Lucas, Sergeant Jaret Reece, Sergeant Sean Smith, Officer Keith Weaver, and Officer Larry Wooddell

2007 - Officer Robert M. Langley, University of Mississippi

2007 - Officer Walter Joseph Zakrzewski, Virginia Wesleyan College

2006 - Officer Mario Jenkins, University of Central Florida

2005 - Officer James L. Davis, Butler University

2005 - Officer Royce E. McCain, Florida Institute of Technology

2004 - Alan Parker, Shift Manager, Carleton University

2003 - Security & Safety Officer Troy Steinmetz, Kenyon College

2002 - Lt. Ron Capps and Officer Ernest Kevin Brown -Medical University of South Carolina

2001 - Detective John Thompson - University of Utah

2000 - Sergeant Don Boysen, Corporal Terry Engle and Officer Bob Johnson of Black Hawk College in Moline, Illinois.

1999 - Public Safety Officer Lance Cox, Public Safety Officer Alex Parra, Chief Ward, Lt. Hugh Mears, and Senior Public Safety Officer Robert Posslenzny.