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The Loaned Executive Management Assistance Program (LEMAP) is a program sponsored by the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators (IACLEA) for the purpose of providing management consultation and technical assistance to Association members. LEMAP provides, upon request, assistance in improving the administration, management or operations of a police/public safety/security agency and may aid in implementing improved practices and techniques. This unique program utilizes the talents and resources of executives from campus law enforcement/security who serve as consultants.


LEMAP provides a variety of management and technical assistance services. Areas offered include the following:

General Survey -- A general survey includes extensive review and appropriate analysis of the administration, operations and other services provided by the agency as well as a written report of the analysis and recommendations. The entire department could be analyzed under this type of survey. For example, the role of the agency and its relationship to other campus departments or functions of local, state and federal government could be examined.

Special Survey -- A special survey includes appropriate analysis of a single or limited number of functions within a campus law enforcement or safety/security agency such as an analysis and written report with recommendations covering organization, direction and control, operations, administration and special services.

Implementation Assistance -- Staff assistance is provided by contract to carry out the recommendations provided by LEMAP surveys or counseling services. This assistance may include review of preliminary planning, identifying resource materials needed, actual field testing of systems designed, as well as on site study of existing systems by key staff personnel.

Confidentiality -- Completed reports are confidential. Only four reports will be completed; two for the executive requesting the study, one file copy for IACLEA Headquarters, and one copy for the assessment team leader.

Sample Contract

LEMAP Teams:

An extensive list of campus law enforcement administrators within each geographical region who have particular qualifications and expertise to assist with this program has been developed. This will ensure that LEMAP provides a quality service to those agencies requesting assistance. Managers have been identified and selected to participate as team members for the LEMAP program. Expertise represented by these members specifically includes: fleet management, record and evidence control, management assessment, emergency services, identification, investigations, crime prevention/analysis, communications, personnel management, media relations, financial management, and many other functional areas of law enforcement. We work to ensure that assessors have experience at a campus similar to the campus being reviewed.

General qualifications and expertise of personnel include the following:

  • Analytical skills
  • Ability to recognize and define existing problems
  • Excellent verbal and writing skills
  • A reputation for good judgment, hard work and integrity
  • The ability to deal with a wide range of personality types.
  • When a request is received by IACLEA, the nature of the assistance requested will be considered and the appropriate personnel selected from this pool of manage

Application Process:

LEMAP will accept written requests from IACLEA Institutional Members. Requests from non-member institutions will also be accepted but will be assessed on a different fee schedule. The application request should contain the name of the organization, the person requesting assistance, the person's title, and a short narrative statement outlining the areas of assistance required. Tentative dates for a review should be indicated by the requesting institution. Completed survey reports are submitted to the executive requesting the study.

Fee Schedule:

Fees cover expenses and program costs to assure the program's ability to respond to requests and provide assessors with an honorarium. A full departmental review with a three member team for three days onsite cost $10,500 plus expenses.

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