International Campus Law Enforcement Agency


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LEMAP Report Format General Departmental Review

I.    Introduction and Executive Summary  

II.   Methodology

III.  Agency Profile

IV.  General Observation

V.   Findings and Recommendations

  1. Status and Authority
  2. Organization and Management
  3. Goals and Objectives
  4. Policies and Procedures
  5. Complaint Processing and Internal Discipline
  6. Performance Evaluation  
  7. Recruitment and Selection  
  8. Training
  9. Records System
  10. Operations and Enforcement
  11. Property and Evidence 
  12. Equipment
  13. Communications and Dispatching  
  14. Parking and Traffic Services
  15. Community Interaction
  16. Crime Prevention and Physical Security
  17. Space and Facilities
  18. Clery Act Compliance  
  19. Emergency Operations Planning and Special Events  

VI.  Appendices (As Needed)