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LEMAP Required Items

List of Items Requested of Reviewed School
Prior to LEMAP Team's Arrival  

The following items should be sent to the team members two weeks before arrival on campus. The team leader should follow this checklist and coordinate the delivery of the items from the agency.

  • Written agreements, if applicable, with local police agencies.
  • Scope of authority of the officers.
  • Complete list of positions within the department.
  • Job descriptions for each category of employee within the department.
  • Performance review procedures/forms
  • Department policies and procedures manual.
  • Description of campus and facilities including acreage, number of buildings, number of students, staff and faculty, and any unique situations affecting public safety or security operations. (Team leader may want to use the Institutional/Department General Information form in this workbook for this information.)
  • College catalog and student handbook
  • University organizational chart
  • Department organizational chart
  • Work schedule of staff (include overtime experienced for past 12 months)
  • A copy of the law giving agency arrest power, if applicable
  • A copy of any union contracts that may exist
  • A copy of the Clery Act compliance documentation/brochure/Web site
  • Crime statistics for the past three years
  • Address of the university's and the department's Web site, if applicable
  • Copy of the department's budget and the comparative size of the department's budget to the university's total operating costs.
  • Copies of department reports such as annual reports, service calls, program activities, etc.
  • Additional documents the assessment team may request due to the type of review they are asked to conduct.