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About LEMAP Team Members


If LEMAP is to be viewed as a valuable and credible resource, the process, the team members and the finished product must be of the highest quality. The quality of assessor selection and certification is the key to a successful program.

LEMAP Team Members


To ensure that LEMAP provides a quality service to those agencies requesting assistance, a list of managers and administrators who have expressed an interest in serving the department is maintained. Those interested in the program send in their resume/biography/curriculum vita along with detailed information on their experiences and background on the departments they have served.

LEMAP teams consist of two or three members. One member will be designated as the Team Leader by the LEMAP Coordinator. The team leader will be appointed only after he/she has completed two LEMAP reviews as a team member.

The team leader will be responsible for the initial communication with the client agency to gather background information, establish a work schedule, divide the workload among team members, plan the exit interview, and submit the final report to the LEMAP Coordinator.

Every effort will be made by the LEMAP Coordinator to create teams that mirror the background of the campus being evaluated. At least two team members should be from institutions that are of similar size, structure, police and armed status as the reviewed campus. While creating the team composition, the LEMAP Coordinator will try to honor the agency's requests to address diversity issues, or providing assessors from nearby geographic regions.


Each LEMAP team will generally consist of a team leader and two additional assessors. We try to match the team members' backgrounds to that of the reviewed institution. Preference is given to those members who have completed the IACLEA Assessor Training Program. Assessors' general qualifications include:  

  • Four-year undergraduate degree;
  • Master's degree or equivalent; *
  • Ten years of law enforcement and/or security experience or the equivalent; *
  • Five years of campus law enforcement/security experience;
  • Three years of command level experience in a campus law enforcement/security agency (Captain, Assistant Chief, Chief/Director).

*   Equivalency to be determined by IACLEA LEMAP Committee.


Ten years of law enforcement/security experience preferred. At least five of the ten years served must be in campus law enforcement/public safety/security position. At least three of the ten years must be served at a command level in a campus safety/security agency. The LEMAP Coordinator may determine an equivalent level of experience on a case-by-case basis.


Four-year undergraduate degree from an accredited university. Prefer a master's degree or equivalent as determined by the LEMAP Coordinator

I'm Approved, When Can I Go On A Review?


LEMAP Teams use one Team Leader who has served satisfactorily on two previous reviews. The number of teams that perform reviews are directly affected by the number of institutions requesting reviews and the type of institutions requesting reviews. We work to match the backgrounds of our approved assessors with the background of the requesting institutions, i.e. sending a team composed of community college professionals to a requesting community college.

The number of reviews performed in any given year varies. In the past few years, IACLEA has performed the following reviews in each calendar year:

Year Total LEMAP Reviews