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Eugene J. Friedman, Director of College Security, Savannah College of Art and Design Posted: Fri, 26 Sep 2003

IACLEA has an excellent resource - LEMAP (Loaned Executive Management Assistance Program). Three campus police chiefs spend several days on campus evaluating the school and your operations. They then produce a written product with observations and recommendations.

I used it shortly after my appointment to this position and recommend it.

Dave Casalino, CPP , TVI Technical Vocational Institute and Community College
Posted January 23, 2003

“Get the LEMAP folks to come in and give you an honest assessment of your operations and recommendations. Your administration may need an objective third party to present the facts of life. We just completed our LEMAP in July and are going through our budget process for FY 2003-04.For the first time in thirty years they are listening! From the LEMAP report we developed a three year strategic direction for the department. The LEMAP document became the foundation for the departments short and long range planning…The folks are great and the value of the inspection is worth the cost and effort to get to the bottom of your issues.

Also, you may want to do or have a risk analysis done to see just what level of security is needed to counter the risks facing your Institution. Every school is different, however, we all face similar problems and an honest evaluation of your institutions risk exposure compared to your current level of protection to address these risks is a good objective starting point to start talking to your administration about what is appropriate for (name of institution). A notion that we want a "friendly look" is nice if supported by your incident history and data collected over the past three or four year. It could be a disaster if data indicates a moderate to high risk exposure that warrants an enforcement model with extensive crime prevention efforts.

Viljoen van der Walt, Head Risk- & Protection Services, University of Stellenbosch Posted December 19, 2002

We had a Lemap audit by Iaclea during 2001. It was worth it all the way. Contact John Carpenter at San Diego State University ( ) for more detail. He was part of the team with Jean Luc Mahieu and Stretch Hughes that conducted our Lemap. We did not only get a report with more than 60 recommendations, but we also got a PR boost with all the interviews and internal media coverage during the audit.

Brian C. Pray, Salem State College
Posted December 18, 2002

Take a look at IACLEA's Loaned Executive Management Assistance Program (LEMAP). I was a recipient and have acted as an assessor and found both experiences to be invaluable.”

Comments from LEMAP Evaluation Critiques

Maryville University - Michael R. Parkinson, Director of Public Safety

 Comments: “I highly recommend LEMAP, especially for any new director entering a department that has problems or is in need of major changes. It will also be beneficial for departments looking to develop a strategic plan.”

“I received several comments about how professional all three reviewers were when they were on campus. These comments came from the President all the way down to the students. My Vice President was very pleased with the process and these gentlemen in particular.”

Montclair State University - Karen L. Pennington, Vice President for Student Development and Campus Life

Comments: The greatest strength of the program was “having individuals currently involved in the operation of campus law enforcement doing the review.” She further stated. “I am very pleased with this service. I think our team was great.”

Rutgers University , Camden Campus - Guy M. Still, Chief of Police

Comments: In response to the question on LEMAP's greatest strengths, “The methodology and general observations.”

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign - Oliver J. Clark, Chief of Police/Director of Public Safety

Comments: Provided an overall program rating of outstanding and wrote, “nothing better for the value.”

University of Missouri at Kansas City - William N. Scott, Vice Chancellor – Administrative and Financial Services

Comments: The greatest strengths of the LEMAP service was the “experience of the evaluators – they have seen many university police departments.” He also stated that the greatest weakness of the program was that “by necessity, it is a snapshot at a given point in time (but it is a very good snapshot).”