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IACLEA Accreditation Manager Training Webinar
October 30, 2014 from 1:30 – 3:30 PM ET


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Webinar Fee (per site) – There is no fee for this webinar but you must register. 

Webinar Overview

This two hour workshop will introduce IACLEA’s new standards for campus public safety accreditation and provide an overview of the features and requirements of the Accreditation Program.  Intended to outline the critical steps to achieving accreditation, it will identify and explain the principal duties of an Accreditation Manager, including preparing a self-assessment plan, writing effective directives, organizing accreditation files, and preparing for an on-site assessment.  Examples of compliance documentation will be discussed.


Who should participate?

  • Campus Police Chiefs/Public Safety Directors and their staff members assigned to the process (Accreditation Managers)
  • Campus Administrators who oversee the public safety/law enforcement function


Topics to be covered:

  • Overview of the Accreditation Process
  • Interpreting the Accreditation Standards
  • Demonstrating Compliance with the Standards
  • Preparing for an On-Site Assessment


Meet the presenter

Jack Leonard

Jack joined the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators (IACLEA) in May 2004 and serves as Director of Accreditation & LEMAP Services. His responsibilities include providing staff support for the Association’s Accreditation Commission, developing policy and procedures for the program, coordinating assessment and review activities, and serving as the principal liaison with participating members.

IACLEA Body Camera Webinar

September 25, 2014 from 1:00 – 2:00 PM ET


Webinar Overview

This webinar will examine body camera use for campus public safety departments. Presenters will discuss:

  • Pros and Cons of specific body camera system
  • Lifespan of the units
  • Officer response to deployment of units
  • Student response to deployment of units
  • Administration response to deployment of units
  • Initial policy and policy changes that occurred over time
  • Supporting success stories
  • Record Retention Policy
  • Camera Placement




Dan Williams

Chief of Police

Midwestern State University


Troy Lane

Chief of Police

University of Tennessee at Knoxville


Jimmy Williamson

Chief of Police

University of Georgia


Tom Saccenti

Chief of Police

Furman University


Developing Campus Public Safety Mobile Apps for Accessibility, Sustainability, & Community Outreach
Webinar Audio Recording and Presentation Materials

Public safety organizations, especially within a university/college environment, are always under pressure to improve responsiveness and service to the public. It is a very sensitive area in which mobile solutions (i.e., mobile apps) and social media continue to expand rapidly in both technology and community use. Current public safety mobile apps tend to focus on providing such functions as data collection/crime statistics, remote reporting of crimes, emergency notifications, immediate 911 telecommunication, and GPS tracking. Although many of these mobile solutions greatly assist and improve upon the providing of public safety services, much more is being missed. This webinar will provide information about the importance of and logistics in developing a unique mobile app to strengthen a campus public safety organization’s image, services, and institutional/departmental initiatives.

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Meeting the OCR Guidelines:  Practical Lessons for Complying with Title IX Webinar
Webinar Audio Recording and Presentation Materials

IACLEA is pleased to offer the Title IX Webinar audio recording and presentation materials to those who were not able to participate.

The message from Washington is loud and clear:  Colleges must address issues of sexual misconduct on their campuses – and they must do it consistent with Title IX standards.  The OCR Guidance sets forth these standards for our colleges and universities to enable them to create policies and procedures to address campus sexual misconduct.  This webinar will provide information about Title IX and discuss what you need to know about the law and policy issues to support your campus in complying with this federal law and the OCR guidelines.
Participants will learn:
• The compliance standards set forth by the Office of Civil Rights to comply with Title IX law
• The guidance set forth by the OCR in their 2001 Guidance and the 2011 Dear Colleague Letter
• A framework for evaluating policies and procedures regarding sexual misconduct on campus
• How to conduct an audit of sexual misconduct policies
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Establishing Appropriate Staffing Levels for Campus Public Safety Departments Webinar
Webinar Audio Recording and Presentation Materials

IACLEA is pleased to offer the Establishing Appropriate Staffing Levels for Campus Public Safety Departments Webinar audio recording and presentation materials to those who were not able to participate.

This webinar will discuss the main findings of the study commissioned by IACLEA to examine the staffing concerns of its members and which would also be applicable to other campus public safety departments. Aspects of the survey which informed the study report, but which could not be fully addressed in the report, will also be discussed. The webinar will also present a case study showing how the methodology for determining appropriate staffing levels discussed in the study report was used by one campus public safety department to avert impending staffing cuts.
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Successful Campus Crime Prevention Programs and Strategies for Two-Year Institutions
Webinar Audio Recording and Presentation Materials

IACLEA is pleased to offer the Crime Prevention Programs and Strategies Webinar audio recording and presentation materials to those who were not able to participate.

The prevention of crime is a basic responsibility and expectation of all public safety officials. This webinar will address the many challenges our two-year institutions have about campus safety, security, civility and crime prevention. There are several security and safety challenges which are unique to two-year institutions based on our diverse non-traditional student body that are often immersed and interconnected to the social challenges also within our communities. This webinar will highlight the importance of partnerships and ownership of the campus crime prevention program and strategies. It will also share best practices and current crime trends on our two-year campuses.
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Behavioral/Threat Assessment Teams: We Have a Team...Now What?
Webinar Audio Recording and Presentation Materials

IACLEA is pleased to offer the Behavior/Threat Assessment Team Webinar audio recording and presentation materials to those who were not able to participate.

Preventing violence at our institutions has become a top priority for public safety officials. The Threat Assessment Team is a pro-active approach to managing situations that pose, or may reasonably pose, a threat to the health, safety, and well-being of our campus community. Through a pro-active, collaborative, organized, and objective approach, the Threat Assessment Team is able to identify, assess, intervene, and manage disruptive or threatening situations to community members. The threat assessment process encourages early intervention to help manage those individuals whose behaviors potentially impede their own or others' ability to function successfully and safely.
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New Training Program to Help Schools Deal with Bomb Threats

The Bomb Threat CD-ROM was developed by the U.S. Department of Justice's Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) and the U.S. Department of Education's Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools.

The Bomb Threat CD-ROM is an interactive planning tool for schools that included staff training presentation and implementation resources. ATF will distribute the CD-ROM to State and local law enforcement and public safety agencies and the Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools will handle distribution to the country's public and private school systems.

To order your free copy of the CD-ROM, visit:

The Office for Domestic Preparedness(U.S. only) has a collection of training videos that can be requested from  Titles include:
Managing Terrorism Incidents:  Using Unified Command in WMD Incidents;
Managing Terrorism Incidents:  Using the Incident Command System for WMD Incidents; Surviving Weapons of Mass Destruction;
Surviving the Secondary Device -- The Rules Have Changed.

The United States Department of State has some free training resources every department with sworn personnel should have. These materials are important in that the arresting agency has certain duties when arresting foreign nationals and these materials provide outstanding guidance for free. 
Available at :
Consular Notification and Access Reference Card:  Instructions for arrest and detention of foreign nationals;
It's the Right Thing to Do -- US Dep't. of State, Bureau of Consular Affairs (VHS);
Diplomatic and Consular Immunity -- Guidance for Law Enforcement and Judicial Authorities (Booklet);
Consular Notification and Access -- Instructions for ...Local Law Enforcement... Regarding Foreign Nationals in the United States and the Rights fo Consular Officials to Assist Them. (Booklet). 

You may obtain them by requesting on official law enforcement letterhead to:
US Dept. of State
Diplomatic Security Service  DS/P/PL SA-33
3507 International Drive
Washington DC 20522-3300
Contact: Dina Kampmeyer for additional information at

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