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IACLEA publishes the Campus Law Enforcement Journal (CLEJ) is published six times annually on a bimonthly basis. All issues are published digitally and the Annual Report in July/August is also published in print.

January/February 2017 Issue

Safety Shattered: Special section on campus emergencies

Contents: Higher Purpose, Higher Standards | IACLEA 2017: Under Construction AND Full Speed Ahead | Desktop Campus | Accreditation Denotes Excellence | LEMAP: Peer-to-Peer Management Guidance | Mark Your Calendar | 59th Annual Conference in Milwaukee | Take Campus Issues to Capitol Hill | Transitions | Sponsor a Future Leader! | Download complete pdf here


The Campus Law Enforcement Journal provides in-depth articles dealing with all aspects of campus law enforcement with primary emphasis on the promotion of professional ideals and standards for law enforcement, public safety and security, and to better serve institutions of higher education. The target audience of the Journal is the members of IACLEA. In addition, the Journal has individual subscribers representing libraries and other entities involved or associated with campus law enforcement products and services.

Editorial Objectives

  • To act as the voice of the campus law enforcement community.
  • To function as a forum for the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators, IACLEA, membership to discuss campus issues, study new ideas, update trends in law enforcement, and to monitor legislation.
  • To encourage a professional approach by providing a sense of leadership in the field of campus law enforcement.
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